After ten years of designing websites in Photoshop, I have amassed a giant collection of layer styles. I have used these layer styles on everything from pet projects to $100,000+ websites… and now they can be yours. If you call yourself a web designer, this is a must have download.

My Photoshop layer styles window

If you are not familiar with Photoshop layer styles, you are missing out on one of the coolest geek trappings the internet has to offer. Basically, a layer style lets you take any Photoshop shape (rectangle, rounded corner box, background), and apply a preset “look” to it. The look can include borders, background colors, gradients, drop shadows, and much more. It is the fastest way to build a mockup, because all of the hard work is already done for you.

Here’s the file. Just download it and open it in Photoshop. The layer styles will be installed. You can access them by opening a layer’s “Layer Style” window and clicking on “Styles” at the top left.

Enjoy :)