I am a software leader residing in the city of San Francisco, California. My specialties are Ruby (12 years), Big Data (4 years), Linux (10 years), AWS (6 years), Python (3 years), Javascript (14 years), and React (2 years). This blog is where I give back to the internet community, with tidbits, minutia, and the occasional breath of fresh air.

I love a worthy challenge -- whether that's a technical challenge, an intellectual challenge, or a personal challenge. Challenges are how we contextualize and inspire growth to make the world a better place. Daunting problems don't daunt me.

For me, the big picture is what it's all about. I do not aspire to be the most technical engineer, but rather the most impactful one. I do not aspire to fix every problem, but rather the highest priority. I focus on what matters.

If you'd like to talk, shoot me an email.